Structural reinforcements

At ECOFIRMA, we specialize in structural rehabilitation and reinforcement, offering advanced technical solutions to ensure the safety and durability of structures.

Among our skills, we highlight the use of carbon laminates to create efficient structural reinforcements.

reinforce and improve structures

We carry out structural reinforcements in reinforced concrete elements, using carbon sheets that are fixed with epoxy resins.

This technique allows you to strengthen slabs, beams, pillars and other structural elements, increasing their load-bearing capacity and improving their resistance.

The use of carbon laminates offers several advantages, such as high mechanical resistance, lightness, durability and ease of application.

These materials have exceptional properties that allow you to reinforce and improve existing structures, prolonging their useful life and avoiding future problems.

integrity and stability of structures

Our technical team has the necessary competence and experience to carry out structural reinforcements precisely and efficiently, guaranteeing high quality results.

We work in accordance with the most up-to-date standards and regulations, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.

If you need rehabilitation or structural reinforcements, count on ECOFIRMA.

We will be happy to offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring the integrity and stability of your structures.

Contact us for more information and to request a technical assessment.