Since 1997, ECOFIRMA has been acquiring knowledge in several complementary areas – to offer its customers the best turnkey solutions.

Solar Energy is fundamental to enhancing the sustainability of companies and agricultural production. 

Specialized teams with advanced training and knowledge will ensure that you have flawless power even in remote areas or without access to electricity.

types of installations

  • Isolated systems, ideal in places without a public network;
  • Systems for producing and selling electricity to the public grid;
  • Self-consumption systems for energy consumption at the consumer's installation;
  • Solar-powered water pumping systems, perfectly adapted to your needs.



    Survey and presentation of the conditions of the location where the system would be installed. Presentation of the most beneficial location for installing the system;


    Topographic survey. Execution of civil works, including cleaning and leveling the land, concrete foundations and fencing;


    Equipment installation work in compliance with good practices;


    System startup and testing. Technical training for system maintenance for local operators.